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Puzzle Bobble

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Puzzle Bobble

by Compilation Lords

Puzzle Bobble is an arcade game published by Taito Corporation in 1994. Its aesthetic and charisma soon converted the game in a piece of pop-culture.

The rules are easy: you must destroy all bubbles hitting three or more of the same color. When the bubbles reach the bottom line, the game will end.

The Compilation Lords staff had created a version of the original arcade multiplayer mode. Enjoy it!

Puzzle Bobble Tribute

Compilation Lords staff

Francisco Ruíz Giménez: Coder

Carlos Cabreira Sánchez: Management responsable

Marc Latorre Freixes: Coder

Andreu Rojas Barrera: QA

Jordi Oña Rufí: Art / Design

In despise of the current responability, each member of the team has worked on the code of the game.

Game Controls

Use SPACE to move from the Start Screen to the Game Screen

Player 1 (left):

A: move the arrow to the left.

D: move the arrow to the right.

W: shoot the current bobble.

Player 2 (right):

Left arrow: move the arrow to the left.

Right arrow: move the arrow to the right.

Up arrow: shoot the current bobble.

Check a gameplay video

Dowload the latest version of Puzzle Bubble here!

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